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Evidence Of Mercy (1995)

Evidence of Mercy (1995)
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0310200156 (ISBN13: 0025986200152)
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Evidence Of Mercy (1995)
Evidence Of Mercy (1995)

About book: I really enjoyed this book. I liked that the author had the characters questioning faith and beliefs such as, were they a lukewarm Christian, how do you should God's for others, why does God let bad things happen, how do you forgive someone who has really hurt you. The way these questions where presented through out the story really got me thinking about what I believe. I really like when a fiction book gets me thinking about my life and how to live for Christ. In regards to the suspense story itself, I felt the characters were very well built and each had their own imperfections along with strengths. Jake's reactions to his situation were believable and feel that anyone in his situation would react very similar. Even though we find who the bad guy was very early one in the story it was interesting to see how this would play out, would he succeed in his attempts or would they escape and if so, how? Would they be able to figure out who was behind everything in time? The story moved at a good pace and there were not parts where it felt like it was dragging. I felt the characters grew as the story went along and I liked who they had become at the end.

Terri Blackstock introduced me to Christian suspense and I always enjoy her books. This one was no different.In this suspense however she revealed the bad guy early in the book, which was not expected but also added something different to the book since she gave the reader a bad man's point of view. With a twisted bad guy, the plane crash that kicked the story of with a bang, a heated child custody case as well as interesting characters who had to deal with the results of the plane crash, this was a great story.Recommended to all Christian suspense readers.
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